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Hoodsport Winery

Hoodsport Winery Hoodsport Winery is a small award winning winery located on the rural Olympic Peninsula. From the winery, you have a majestic view of the Hood Canal and the Olympic Mountains, just as the label depicts. A pioneer in the Washington State wine industry, Hoodsport Winery originated in 1979 when there were only sixteen wineries. Washington now has over three-hundred wineries. Hoodsport produces limited bottlings of some of the finest award winning Washington State wines. This includes Traditional vinifera varietals such as Chardonnay, Merlot, Johannisberg Riesling. Hoodsport features smaller productions of unique varieties like, Island Belle and Lemberger-Cabernet. In addition, they specialize in Raspberry, Rhubarb and Loganberry wines. These wines are made from top grade fruit and taste like the fruit it self. The Raspberry has won top awards at many wine competitions. 1994 Cabernet Sauvignon won a gold medal at VinExpo in France, an exceptional honor for a red wine from the United States. New premium cordial style raspberry, cranberry, loganberry wines added in 2001.

The three main routes from Seattle area are: * 1. Go south on Interstate 5 to Olympia, then follow Highway 101 North past Shelton and on to Hoodsport. * 2. Take the Edmonds ferry to Kingston and follow map to Hoodsport. * 3. Take the Seattle ferry to Bremerton and follow map to Hoodsport.

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23501 N. US Highway 101, Hoodsport, WA, US, 98548 Email:
Phone: 800-580-9894 Web:
Fax: 360-877-9508
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Apple, pear and vanilla, herb and toast with some apricot flavors that become buttery and long lasting on the palate pleasing finish. This is a crisp and complex wine. Try with steamed clams, crab, or other shellfish. Excellent with roasted salmon nestled in sea asparagus. Also complements fruits and cheeses, or rich pastas with cream and butter sauces.
Intense floral and spicy aromas, especially of rose petals and oil of bergamot. Citrus flavors linger with slight anise and grape undertones on a balanced mostly dry frame. This wine goes well with many foods including turkey, poultry and fowl. Complements spicy Asian dishes; or try as an excellent accompaniment to cured beef, ham or roast pork. Experiment withseafood's such as halibut, orange-rughy, or oysters. This is a wonderful and versatile wine.
  Island Belle-Merlot
A rogue wine, combining the best of the West and East sides of the mountains. Intense fresh grape fruitiness with blueberry and black cherry overtones over a spicy layer of vanilla. This wine goes well with fruit, cheese and smoked salmon or try with any hearty pasta or meat dish. This wine is also excellent with wild game, venison and turkey.
Intense cherry and cedar box flavors rounded off with vanilla and cassis aromas. Forward fruit flavors and structure hold through togive this some aging potential. Complements hearty pasta and red meat dishes well; or enjoy with turkey and smoked or grilled meats, gourmet sausages too.
  Madeleine Angevine
This 2002 Madeleine Angevine is made with cerified organic wine grapes harvested from Hughes Vineyards on lopez Island. A local Puget Sound appellation. (washington state #707) This wine is distinctivly aromatic and balanced with nice floral and spice characteristics. Try with poultry.
Cherry, cedar box, and black currant, flavors form a firm and spicy core to subtle tannins and balanced acidity. Hearty pasta and red meat dishes are particularly complemented by this wine’s flavorful, well-rounded fruity finish. It is also great with lamb,duck, grilled tenderloin, prime rib or flavorful wildfare whether undersea or mountaintop.
  Orca Series Cabernet Sauvignon
Concentrated flavors of black cherries and other dark black fruits predominate this complex, rich wine. The judicious use of oak and the addition of small amounts of Merlot and Cabernet Franc have created a wine that will stand up to the most robust foods while also standing up on its own.
  Orca Series Cabernet/Merlot
The grapes were crushed into small stainless fermenters and inoculated with Pasteur Red and Premier Cuvee Wine yeasts. The must was punched down twice a day until the wine reached dryness. Once dry, the wine was pressed off its skins and racked to barrel to complete its secondary ML fermentation. Once ML was complete, the Merlot and cabernet was aged in oak. The Cab/Merlot was blended, egg white fined, filtered and bottled.
  Orca Series Chardonnay
Lush tropical fruits and melons carry through this wine from start to finish. The emphasis here is on the ripe fruit with light touches of oak. Typical of Northwest Chardonnay this wine finishes with a bracing zip of acidity.
  Orca Series Merlot
Essences of cedar and tobacco drift up from the surface of this wine as you inhale the aromas from your glass. On the palate dark black fruit flavors of currants and cherries are integrated with the toasted oak flavors imparted by small French barrels. The smooth, lingering finish leaves an impression that remains long after the wine is gone.
  Orca Series Sauvignon Blanc
This is a bright and lively wine. The aromas and flavors of grapefruit and pears are abundant from the moment the bottle is uncorked. Finishing with great acidity this wine is an excellent example of the essence of Sauvignon Blanc in the Northwest.
Dark ruby red. Intense characteristic fresh raspberry flavors that are lightly floral. A pleasant sipper with a long finish. This is an excellent sipping wine and complements many foods including wild game, pheasant, duck, game hens, pork and salads. It also goes especially well with rich deserts and chocolate. Serve chilled. A consistent gold medal winner.
Characteristic fresh rhubarb flavors that are lightly floral. A pleasant sipper. Light pink salmon color. This is an excellent sipping wine and goes well with many foods including turkey, baked ham, salads and particularly salmon and watermelon. Serve chilled
Peaches and PEZ! Citrus, lychee, apples and apricots. A bit of mint too. This wine goes well with many foods including turkey, poultry and fowl. Complements spicy Thai food, ham and seafood. It is excellent with fresh fruits and cheeses. This is a wonderful and versatile wine.
Plum and berry flavors mingle together in this full bodied red wine. Enjoy this Syrah with hearty pasta sauces, meats and cheese.


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