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Engelmann Cellars

Engelmann Cellars


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3275 North Rolinda, Fresno, CA, US, 93722 Email:
Phone: 559-274-9463 Web:
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  Cabernet Sauvignon
The rich, loamy soil of the Kearney Park area, and the restrictive growing practice employed by Kenny Costa, produces some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that the Central Valley has to offer. These premium grapes produce a wine that is bright with cherry and cranberry flavors with a spicy black pepper character. This wine is medium bodied with young sharp tannins that will develop into a huge red wine over the next 4-12 years. Enjoy with any beef, lamb, or barbecue. To
  Cabernet Shiraz
Synergy is the perfect description for marvelous blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. The big smoke, berries and black tea characters of the Syrah, meld with the pleasant cherry and black pepper of the Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine has a solid structure with some young tannins that will develop brilliantly over the next 5-10 years. Enjoy with any beef, lamb, or wild game.
  Gravel Pit Syrah
The Gravel Pit located on the banks of the San Joaquin River, is the location of the premium grapes grown by Frank Saviez, to produce this spectacular Syrah. The gravely soil once used in the production of concrete, now lends itself to the terroir of this exceptional Syrah vineyard. Full bodied, with loads of smoke, berry, chocolate, and black tea aromas, finishes with sweet even tannins. Will develop magnificently over the next 5-10 years. Enjoy with a nice meal of beef, lamb, or any wild game.
  Rio Samba
Light body, dry rose style wine comprised of 90% Syrah and 10% Pinot Noir. In a time where every rose starts to taste like a soda pop wine, it's nice to find something different. This wine exhibits nice crisp clean fruit flavors and light red color. Not quite a red wine but definitely not a white. Perfect for a relaxing night on the patio, or any light meal of seafood, or poultry.
Sangiovese (Sawn-geo-vese) is a light red Italian varietal, usually blended with Barbera, and Nebbiolo to produce a Chianti wine blend. When produced on it's own it produces a light red wine with solid tannins and sharp acids. This Sangiovese displays nice strawberry and earthy characters, with a pleasant soft body. The perfect red wine for the non-red wine drinker, or those times when a big red wine isn't suitable. Enjoy with any pasta, red sauce, or sun dried tomatoes.
  Summer Quartet (Dry White)
A symphony of grapes composes this truly unique wine. Comprised of an unparalleled blend of Chardonnay, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon (Blanc de Noirs), and Mustcat of Alexandria; this wine promises to delight any pallet. The rich and creamy Chardonnay blends perfectly with the orange blossom and exotic spices of the Viognier and Muscat. Cabernet Sauvignon adds a polished smooth pallet, making this one truly distinctive and succulent wine. Enjoy cold, with a light meal of chicken or seafood, or try with some fresh summer fruit.
The Syrah grapes used to make this medium body wine were grown by one of the valleys premier wine grape growers, Frank Saviez. Franks dedication to quality and the rich fertile soils of the San Joaquin River bluff, helped produce a wine with rich dense berry, and bitter chocolate flavors, with aromas of smoke, black tea. Enjoy with a nice meal of beef, lamb, or any wild game. To Order Wine
  Very Old Vine Zinfandel
The grapes used to produce this Very Old Vine Zinfandel come from a head trained pre-prohibition vineyard located near a dry tributary to the Kings river in Del Rey, CA. This loose gravely soil and the restrictive nature of these old vines produces a wine rich in character, with a solid structure, and a deep lingering finish, that will keep developing over the coming years. The result of these exceptional conditions and premium growing techniques is a medium bodied wine, with oodles of raspberry flavors, accompanied by vanilla, and cinnamon spice. The berry and spice flavors intermingle perfectly with a lingering finish that will remain well after your glass is empty. Pair with any grilled meats, hearty red sauce and pasta, or any chocolate dessert.


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