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Orchid Cellar Meadery & Winery

Orchid Cellar Meadery & Winery Alcoholic beverages were brewed by our ancestors before written records. We can only guess how it all started. Was it grain that got wet in the rain or grape juice left too long? We offer you alternative explanation. Our answer is honey. From the olympian Ambrosia, to the land "flowing with milk and honey", honey-based beverages were produced by Egyptians, Greeks, Celts, Mayans—well, all civilisations that knew beekeeping. Most notable tradition of mead making can be found to this day in Poland. Enjoy our meticulous recreation of some old recipes. We use modern knowledge of chemistry and microbiology only to understand the process, not to interfere with it. More information coming soon.


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8546 Pete Wiles Road, Middletown, MD, US, 21769 Email:
Phone: 301-473-3568 Web:
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Made only with grapes and honey, this sweet, complex wine brings the best of both components. It features balance between smooth sweetness of honey and bold aroma of chardonnay grapes.
This mead is made with spices, and was popular among medieval military men. On cold nights it was served hot, sometimes with cheese. It can also be served as aperitif, slightly chilled, with cakes or cookies.
Made with spices, this recipe is attributed to Capuchin monks. If we are close to the original, monastic life was not as boring as we imagine. This mead was considered worthy of the aristocratic tables. Best paired with fruits, cheesecake, and chocolate.


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JB says...
Delicate meads. Extraordinary Ambrosia and Hunter.

Faye says...
We were in Maryland a few weeks ago. Sampled the delicious meads and met the delightful hostess. We particularly enjoyed Archer and Hunter!! So good, I just ordered a few bottles to give as Christmas gifts!