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Cinsaut Rose' 2002

Cinsaut Rose' 2002 Wine Details
Price: $15.00 per bottle

Description: PACIFIC SALMON, TURKEY, HAM, GRINDER SANDWICHES, SUMMER FRUIT SALAD, POLISH DOGS (like you get a Giants game) , BARBECUED CHICKEN, TUNA SALAD; Absolutely dry RoseĀ¹ wine. Casual. Great for picnic. Serve chilled, like a white, but more flavors. Fresh red cherry and strawberry fruit and earthy spice flows through.

Varietal Definition
Semi-classic grape widely grown in southern France and also in the Lebanon. Used as component in some Cotes du Rhone red wine blends. Transplanted to South Africa, where it was erroneously thought to be a Rhone Hermitage grape, and now a widely grown varietal making a popular red wine in that country, it is also often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon. It has also been used to create the hybrid grape species known as Pinotage.


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