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Devil's Gulch Vineyard Gewürztraminer

Devil's Gulch Vineyard Gewürztraminer Wine Details

Description: The intensity and beauty of the aromas from this wine are obvious the moment the cork is pulled. Lilacs, grapefruit, ripe peaches and granite are just some of the descriptors that might come to mind. In the mouth it is exceptionally rich for its varietal, but bursting with the bright stone fruit characters that are classic to it. The mineral elements so indicative of this vineyard are also abundantly apparent. Try this wine, well chilled, on your deck with good friends. Mark has assured us that he will consume any of this small production not scarfed by the rest of us.

Varietal Definition
Cultivated for over a thousand years, this white-wine grape (sometimes referred to simply as Traminer) is thought to have originated in the village of Tramin (or Temeno) in Italy’s Alto Adige region. Gewürztraminer grapes are planted in Alsace, a French region between Germany and France that specializes in excellent dry Gerwürztraminer wines. They’re also cultivated in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Rumania, Czechoslovakia, and Ukraine. Because they perform better in cooler climates, Gewürztraminer grapes have not done well in many of California’s warmer growing regions. However, they thrive in cooler California areas such as Carneros, Anderson Valley, and Monterey County, as well as in parts of Oregon and Washington. The German word ‘gewürz’ means ‘spiced,’ and these wines are known for their crisp, spicy attributes. They’re highly fragrant, with flavor characteristics of litchis, roses, and spices such as cloves and nutmeg. Gewürztraminer wines are available in varying degrees of sweetness -- dry, medium-sweet, and late harvest. Because of the grape’s pinkish (sometimes yellow) pigment, Gewürztraminer wines are some of the more deeply colored of the whites, many have gold or peach tones. The distinctive color and aroma of these wines make them easily recognizable by those familiar with this varietal wine.
Parent grape of the popular Gewurztraminer clone. Still grown in France and in California but almost everywhere has been replaced by its much more intense and spicy offspring clone.


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