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1999 Merlot

1999 Merlot Wine Details

Description: It is deep. It is slow to awaken. Crafted in such a big style, it is demanding lots of bottle age. After extensive breathing, however, we know what's there: a Merlot that's bigger than many other winery's Cabernets. Long after this vintage is gone from other wineries, this wine is just being released. It demands respect. It needs its rest and will not be show off until ready. The time is now. Now and for the next ten years, this wine will evolve, will delight. It will remind you why Merlots were so wonderful before they were popular. Our usual food with Merlot: Parmigiano Reggiano. Or consider grilled mushrooms, roasts in a cherry sauce, or spicy foods. It stands up to big flavors. It will for a long time to come.

Varietal Definition
Merlot is known as a Noble Bordeaux varietal. Although it came to France in the first century, it was not named until the 1880s. Merlot was originally used only for blending, as it is soft and compliant, very useful in softening other Bordeaux wines like Cabernets. Recently in California and Chile it became popular as a 100% varietal wine. Merlot tends to be easier to grow in a variety of soil conditions and is harvested earlier in the year than Cabernet. Although most Merlots are made to be drunk earlier, there are many with complexities of a Cabernet. Flavors of plum, black cherry, violet, chocolate and orange pair well with rich, red pasta dishes, hearty chicken dishes, and any beef combination that you fancy. The perfect match of course is chocolate. Not only does the chocolate compliment the wine and vice-versa, but the essence of both flavors linger eternally.


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