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2000 Bambino Grande

2000 Bambino Grande Wine Details

Description: This wine is a 4-way blend, based on Sangiovese. It is a complicated blend that results in a very drinkable wine, one virtually everyone likes, a wine you can feel confident about bringing to any gathering. New wine drinkers like it for its fruit, we vintage wine drinkers like it for its complexity. It has been taken to Italian wine tasting parties and knocks their socks off. Some wineries use leftovers to release some kind of low-end wine. We began with the thought to make a blend to be proud of, especially to be named after our grandfather,who's name was Bambino. It has to be good: we wanted our mother to be happy. It took four hours of laborious tasting, using pipettes and a yellow legal pad, to come up with this wine. In the 2000, we have a forwardly fruity wine, with tannins on the finish to let you know it can age longer. Remember, we added the word “Grande” to the name because we didn’t want anyone to think this is a rosè. As a blend of 2000 vintage wines, these have been barrel aged 40 months. This is pretty incredible for the industry, but then we want a good blend. At the price, this isn’t a sly business decision, it’s done for the wine.

Varietal Definition
Sanguis Jovis, the Latin origin for the varietal name, literally means “blood of Jove.” Sangiovese is one of the oldest known varietals and it is likely that ancient Etruscan winemakers cultivated it, although the first literary reference to Sangiovese was in 1722. Sangiovese is probably indigenous to Tuscany, whose most famous wine is Chianti. Chianti is a blend that currently contains a minimum of 90% Sangiovese.Sangiovese thrives in hot dry climates. Because these climatic criteria generally enhance quantity, rather than quality, it takes careful cultivation and winemaking techniques to produce really excellent wine from this grape.


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