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Washington State MOSCATO D'LATAH

Washington State MOSCATO D'LATAH Wine Details
Price: $13.99 per bottle

Description: What a difference years make. The 1999 vintage was the first release of our Moscato d’Latah and it was almost the last. The wine caused me so much trouble I was buying TUMS by the carton. I was very tempted to give up the entire effort and leave the Moscato making to the Italians. I’m glad I didn’t because the resultant wine was great and the response was phenomenal. The 98 cases bottled were gone in less than 2 months. Because of this success (and the number of pending orders for the new vintage), it was decided to go for Moscato d’Latah 2000. I did learn a few lessons from my first bottling so this time the process was much easier — filtering only took me one day instead of 2 1/2 months. Well, just when I was feeling good about myself and Moscato, along comes the 2001 vintage. It was like I had stepped back in time 2 years. Attempt, after attempt, after attempt, I finally got the wine filtered and ready to bottle but not until two months had passed. We were able to put this marvelous nectar into the bottle in late January. Then came 2002 which was as easy as 2000. The wine god’s must have known I needed a break this year. Maybe it’s any even year phenomenon. This wine is sold only at the winery. We hope you enjoy this wine as much as we do.


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