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Loganberry Wine Details

Description: A semi-dry berry wine, terrific with poultry. Loganberries were hybridized in the early 1880's by crossing blackberry and red raspberry. The hybrid quickly became popular as a pie, preserve and wine berry. Greenbank was once the site of the worlds' largest Loganberry farm, but today, Loganberries are grown almost exclusively in the Williamette Valley of Oregon. This wine has been crafted to maintain the natural rich, intense garnet color, powerful aroma and sweet tart taste of the loganberry.What to do with it: 1. Serve as an afternoon refresher. 2. As a dinner wine, it is especially complementary to pork, turkey, wild fowl, and chicken. 3. As a dessert wine, chocolate is a wonderful complement. 5. On a winter's night, serve a hot-mulled wine.


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