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Sylvanus Wine Details
Price: $24.00 per bottle

Description: Sylvanus is a vin de terroir. This wine is a field blend comprised of 60% Muscat, 20% Pinot Grigio and 20% Pinot Bianco, all harvested and vinified together in the same stainless steel tank. Sylvanus is not only the name of the wine, but the name of the vineyard and the legendary Green Man who this vineyard and wine honor. In creating a field blend as opposed to blending different lots together, we are capturing the essence of our time and place within the context of the vineyard Sylvanus. This is a dry white wine full of floral, orange blossom and mineral scents. Long, light and flavorsome this wine is the perfect aperitif. Only 111 cases made in our inaugural release. One case maximum per customer.

Varietal Definition
Muscat, thought to be one of the oldest grape varieties, is grown worldwide. It is vinified in a multitude of styles, from still to sparkling, and dry to sweet to fortified. Also called Moscato, Moscatel and Muskateller, it is a sweetly aromatic, fruity grape that has many genetic variations and colors. It probably originated in Greece but maybe the independent sultanate of Muscat in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula had something to do with it. Over 200 different varieties and derivatives to the Muscat family exist today. Muscat Canelli, Orange Muscat and Black Muscat are varieties most planted in California, which makes primarily still wine. More unusual is Muscat fermented to total dryness, which leaves greater alcohol levels and no residual sugar. Some Muscats are aged in oak to provide additional complexity.Today’s recommended Muscats represent many of these styles, so use the tasting notes and percent of residual sugar - listed if provided by the winery - to find a wine you’ll enjoy. The more sugar and the lower the alcohol, the sweeter the wine, though wines above 10 percent alcohol can also be somewhat sweet.


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