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Vin Rouge

Vin Rouge Wine Details
Price: $10.16 per bottle

Description: Our own blend of Baco Noir, Foch , Chambourcin, and Chancellor. This delightful wine has consistently won awards. A dry red with excellent balance, full fruit, and a hint of spice. A perfect compliment for pasta dishes.

Varietal Definition
Baco Noir:
BA french-american hybrid grape used to make an intense red wine regarded by some as a good substitute for Cabernet Sauvignon . Capable of aging, its origins trace to the Folle Blanche and a native American strain of grape. Extensively grown in the cool northern regions of N. America.
A french-american hybrid used to make red wines with fruity flavors and some herbaceousness. Grown in the cooler regions of Eastern U.S. and Canada. Decreasing acreages also found in Europe; due to stringent European Union rules these varieties cannot be blended with traditional varieties.
A french-american hybrid with origins in the Rhone Valley of France. Was widely grown and very popular in France where it was used to produce high quality red and rose' wines. Now being replaced by varieties stipulated by E.U. rules. Also grown in the cooler regions of Eastern U.S. and Canada.


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