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Freeport Red Blend

Freeport Red Blend Wine Details

Description: A semi dry medium bodied red wine with aromas of fresh berries. A blend of red hybrids Chambourcin (originally known as Johannes-Seyve 26205), Corot Noir (formally NY 70 developed by Cornell University), Landot Noir, and Leon Millot.

Varietal Definition
A french-american hybrid used to make red wines with fruity flavors and some herbaceousness. Grown in the cooler regions of Eastern U.S. and Canada. Decreasing acreages also found in Europe; due to stringent European Union rules these varieties cannot be blended with traditional varieties.
Corot Noir:
Corot noir is the result of a cross between hybrids Seyve Villard 18-307 and Steuben in 1970. It ripens mid-season to late-season, and according to Reisch, its wines "are free of the hybrid aromas typical of many other red hybrid grapes, and can be used for varietal wine production or for blending. The distinctive red wine has a deep red color and attractive berry and cherry fruit aromas."
Landot Noir:
Its late bud break and early maturity make it a great choice for short season sites. Disease resistance is moderate with fair resistance to downy mildew. Wines from the Hudson Valley in NY and from NH have received outstanding ratings in various wine competitions. Nice ability to age.
Leon Millot:
Early french-american hybrid grape very similar to Marechal Foch.


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