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Noiret Wine Details

Description: WOW! Our Noiret has classically intense pepper and mocha overtones, and is one of the highest rated of this varietal in the world. We are the first to grow this grape in NH, which has a complex background bred at the University of Cornell in 1973. It's dry, intense, and one of the richest wines from a cold-hardy grape made in New England, and our wine has won a medal in every competition entered.

Varietal Definition
Noiret is the result of a cross between hybrids NY65.0467.08 and Steuben in 1973. It ripens mid-season, and according to Reisch, its wines "are free of the hybrid aromas typical of many other red hybrid grapes. The distinctive red wine is richly colored and has notes of green and black pepper, with raspberry and mint aromas, and a fine tannin structure."


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