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Malvasia Bianca Gelata

Malvasia Bianca Gelata Wine Details

Description: This Malvasia was havasted at 27 Brix of sugar. After crushing and pressing the juice was frozen and the ice was removed, raising the juice up to 40 Brix. The wine was bottled with approx. 18% residual sugar. The Fruit creates a luscious flavor of honey apricots and spices. A true dessert wine that should be sipped at the end of a meal. It goes extraordinarily well with pastries, ice creams and fruits.

Varietal Definition
Semi-classic grape cepage of ancient, probably Greek, origin. Widely grown in Italy as distinctive area sub-varieties, such as Malvasia di Candia, Malvasia Istriana etc. Used to produce dry and sweet white, and light red, wines with high alcohol content and residual sugar. Also widely grown in Portugal and the island of Madeira where the important wine-name Malmsey is an English word corruption of Malvasia.


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