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Lazy Day White

Lazy Day White Wine Details
Price: $12.00 per bottle

Description: A fresh and delicious summer wine, Lazy Day White is made from Traminette grapes, a hybrid offspring of Gewürztraminer. Subtle sweetness adds to its excellent drinkability, and it closely resembles a Riesling. Â Zesty citrus flavors will bring a smile to your lips as you sit and watch the grapes grow.

Varietal Definition
'Traminette' is a late mid-season white wine grape which produces wine with pronounced varietal character likened to one of its parents, 'Gewürztraminer'. 'Traminette' is distinguished by its superior wine quality combined with good productivity, partial resistance to several fungal diseases, and cold hardiness superior to its acclaimed parent, 'Gewürztraminer'.


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