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Mermaid's Song

Mermaid's Song Wine Details

Description: Mermaid's Song is the synthesis of many years of experimental batches of this wine; trials of unusual ingredients and much thought. You will not find another wine like it anywhere in this world. Hibiscus flowers have always been the reason for this wine, but by creating other rich, supportive layers of flavor I've built an exquisite, big wine. Orange blossom honey and Maine raspberries are blended with rosehips and hibiscus flowers and then fermented to dryness. The wine is a dry rose style that is balanced from it's raspberry, citrusy start to a finish that includes the rosehips and hibiscus flowers. There is no better wine for a summer day than Mermaid's Song. It pairs well with people who listen to the whisper of the ocean in a seashell and who look for mermaids on the horizon. Mermaid's Song is a great summer sipper. Adventurous food pairings will include apricot honey glazed duck or roasted duck with plum sauce. This wine will pair well with desserts too; strawberries dipped in chocolate, chocolate and raspberry torte or a cheese tart with lemon curd.

Varietal Definition
Fermented beverage made with honey, water and yeast optionally with flavoring ingredients.


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