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Soft Southerly

Soft Southerly Wine Details

Description: Soft Southerly is a very lightly sweet mead made with Leatherwood honey that Maine bees collect while on vacation in Georgia. The honey is rich and dark with a distinct cinnamon spiciness to it. This is a varietal honey, so it has a high percentage of the nectar of Leatherwood flowers. The Maine beekeeper who collects this honey has observed that his bees love Leatherwood and thrive on it. This wine is made by fermenting honey sufficient to produce a still wine of 13% alcohol to dryness, then adding just enough more Leatherwood honey for some sweetness. This is not dessert wine sweet. This is a sweet that tastes like juicy apples and melon with a bit of earthy cinnamon in the finish. This wine has honey on the nose and complex layers of flavor. It pairs well with foods prepared on the grill or in the smoker like wings; ribs or brisket; shrimp, pork or chicken teriyaki; and chicken or pork with your favorite barbeque sauce. On a hot day, if you decide not to heat up the grill, try Soft Southerly with fruits, assorted cheeses and prosciutto or a salad with blue cheese and walnuts.

Varietal Definition
Fermented beverage made with honey, water and yeast optionally with flavoring ingredients.


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