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Little Iza

Little Iza Wine Details
Price: $12.95 per bottle

Description: This white wine is named after the youngest addition to the Millner family, Izabella. This wine made from St. Pepin and LaCrosse is moderately similar to that of a steely Riesling from northern Germany with faint hints of honey. Finished with a touch of sweetness just like Izabella. Highly recommended with fish dishes.

Varietal Definition
St. Pepin:
St. Pepin is a sister seedling of LaCrosse, which was also developed by Elmer Swenson. However, the similarly cold-hardy St. Pepin is a fruitier and earlier-ripening grape, which makes one of the best white wines in Minnesota. It is also used for juice. The grape is being grown experimentally in South Dakota and in other cold winter states. The vine has average susceptibility to Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, and Black Rot.
La Crosse:
LaCrosse is a part of a long line of successful Elmer Swenson-created grapes. A hybrid of Seyval Blanc and the Minn. 78 x S.1000, the vine produces grapes capable of making good quality, fruity white wine. Compared to its parent Seyval, the vine is cold hardier, and ripens slightly earlier. Grown in Minnesota and Wisconsin, the high-yielding vine will do well in all the upper Midwest states with short growing seasons and cold winters. It has average susceptibility to the usual diseases.


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