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French Colombard demi-sweet

French Colombard (demi-sweet) Wine Details
Price: $15.99 per bottle

Description: French Colombard is a grape that has been long neglected in the United States. It is well known in France for another reason in that the French Colombard grape is ordinarily used and classically used to make cognac. If you are a cognac drinker, you will recognize a familiar taste. The 2006 French Colombard is made in a demi-sweet style, has .75 sugar, the acids are extremely low, it is very fruity, very light, and very clean on the palate. This wine was fermented and allowed to go completely through fermentation without any sugar being left in the wine. Fresh French Colombard grape juice was then added to reach .75 Brix sugar in the wine using the "sus-reserve" method. It is our largest and best-selling white wine. No one else in Texas makes this wine. It has become extremely popular. We receommend it for a party wine or an anytime wine. Chill well 20064 French Colombard and serve it in the summer with light fruits, salads, cold soups, seafoods or oysters. It is one of our favorites and you will love this wine.

Varietal Definition
Better known as French Colombard in North America. Acidic grape crushed by some northern Californian producers and made into a fruity white wine of simple character in both dry and sweet versions. Mainly grown in California to provide acidic backbone for white "jug" wine blends. Still grown in France where it is used for white wine blends known as "Bordeaux Blanc" and is also used for distilling into brandy. Also widely grown in South Africa.


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