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Chumeia Vineyards Odyssean 2005

Chumeia Vineyards Odyssean 2005 Wine Details
Price: $45.00 per bottle

Description: The Odyssean is always a blend of at least three different wine varietals. In years past, we have used varietals like Sangiovese, Barbera, Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon. For the 2005 Vintage of the Odyssean, we have selected three very distinct varietals that offer a stellar blend. In selecting the wines for the Odyssean, a base wine is chosen and then through barrel selection and long hours of tasting and re-tasting, the blend is crafted to reach a balance of fruit flavors, tannic structure and acids. The 2005 Odyssean is a blend of Dante Dusi Zinfandel at 67%, Partridge-Leigh Barbera at 17% and Chumeia Estate Cabernet Sauvignon at 16%. All three of these wines on their own are outstanding wines, however, when blended together, they make something special--The Odyssean! Food Pairing Suggestion Work with the higher acidity and lower tannins and serve it with an autumn inspired hearty Chicken Cassoulet, rustic bread and a Caesar salad.


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