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Petite Rousse

Petite Rousse Wine Details
Price: $19.00 per bottle

Description: The 2005 vintage marks the fifth vintage of "petite rousse" Syrah. The 2005 "petite rousse" symbolizes the first vintage produced and bottled entirely at Clos Mimi's state-of-the-art winery and the second vintage to benefit from a cellar designed with multiple elements of feng shui. By channeling positive energy throughout the winery, I believe the 2005 "petite rousse" is the most aromatic vintage to date. Some of the credit goes to harvesting 94% of the grapes on "fruit days" per Maria Thun's biodynamic calendar. However, a little credit must go to playing hundreds of Bach, Beethoven, Bizet, Chopin, Corelli, Handel, Mozart, Pachelbel, Puccini, Satie, Tchaikovsky, Telemann, Uccellini, Vivaldi and Wagner compact discs literally day and night to the fermentors, the barrels and the bottling tank. Throw in a dozen or so Gregorian chant cds for the summer and winter solstices. Toss in two dozen Christmas cds for the month of December. Plus I keep several Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan meditation cds on hand for the days when I am stressed. I like to create a calming yet stimulating environment for "petite rousse" as well as for myself. Like a baby in the womb, my wines respond positively to classical music. I am the first to admit John Konsgaard is a mentor when it comes to playing 18 th and 19th century music in the cellar. Classical music gives the wine instant culture. It takes me back to France. Long days at Lynch-Bages in 1991. Long days in Vosne in 1856. And it takes me back to "La Bohème" in San Francisco with Mimi in 1993. I have seen amazing results exposing Maggie and Tristan to classical music both "in utero" and since birth! So why wouldn't Beethoven's Fifth Symphony help produce a Syrah with more memory of its vintage?

Varietal Definition
Syrah is the eight hundred pound gorilla of Rhone grapes! In the vineyard and the winery, Syrah is typically an easy grape to work with - healthy, early ripening, resistant to mildew and rot; suitable for winemaking in a variety of styles. The wines from Syrah are tannic without being harsh. The wines will have a taste and smell of dark blue fruit like blackberries and blackcurrant, with a strong spicy side where one can find freshly ground pepper and other spices. Syrah is famous for its part in the French blends, such as Côtes du Rhone and Châteauneuf du Pape.


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