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Heringer Estates Chenin Blanc

Heringer Estates Chenin Blanc Wine Details
Price: $13.00 per bottle

Description: After more than 140 years and 6 generations of farming, it gives us great pleasure to share with you the characteristics that the Stillwater Oaks vineyard imparts to this wine. Our extended controlled cold fermentation preserves the fresh and crisp mineral and fruit flavors obtainable with this varietal. This wine has been fermented completely, so that there is no residual sugar and aged in stainless steel to further preserve the wines natural bouquet. This incredible Chenin Blanc is medium weight, balanced and elegant. It boasts passionate citrus fruits and lingering mineral characteristics. We trust that this Chenin Blanc will bring you as much pleasure in the drinking as it has brought us in the making.

Varietal Definition
Chenin Blanc:
Classic white varietal of France's Loire Valley and now grown throughout the world. Known for its rather unusual 'wet-wool', 'damp straw' aromas, it tends to be more floral than fruity when young and gives high acidity, growing well in marginal climates. It ages well and its susceptibility to 'botrytis'* produces some of the great sweet wines of the Loire, for example Quarts de Chaume and Vouvray. It is grown widely in South Africa where it is known as 'Steen'.


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