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05 Muscat of Alexandria , South Coast

05 Muscat of Alexandria (Late Harvest), South Coast Wine Details
Price: $24.95 per bottle

Description: Full, round and supple wine which tastes nearly like nectar. Peach and apricot aromas A great accompaniment to most desserts, but unbeatable as a solo performer! Serve chilled.

Varietal Definition
Muscat of Alexandria:
(aka Muscat Gordo Blanco or Lexia in Australia and Hanepoot in South Africa). Ancient grape species suitable for similar Mediterranean growing climates as the Muscat Blanc above. Makes sweet wines that are usually judged of inferior quality compared to those of the Muscat Blanc cepage varieties. The main use in California is for producing raisins. Also widely grown in Spain, where it is called Moscatel de Alejandria, and Portugal where winemakers in the latter country use it to make "Moscatel de Setubal" sweet wine.


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