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Vintage Wine Details
Price: $125.00 per bottle

Description: The 2004 vintage is our seventh release. A moderately rainy winter and warm temperatures in March initiated an early bud break in 2004, about one week earlier than normal. A relatively cool summer set the path to balance the fruit and the ripeness of the tannins. Temperatures throughout the summer were relatively mild, with famous fog lingering over the vineyard until late morning. The weather has been very cooperative. The wine shows deep color with engaging fragrant ripe fruit and a fresh summer floral bouquet combined to produce a highly-developed aromatic energy. Opulent and generous in mouthfeel, the wine possesses supple and silky tannins. The flavors continue to unfold in a very solid texture, with sophisticated wood merging into an elaborate fruitiness of wild berry and cassis. Finesse, elegance and power combined with a stylish structure end in a persistent finish.


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