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Selvatico Wine Details
Price: $14.00 per bottle

Description: Varietal Composition: Tocai Friulano at about 50%, with significant fractions of Peverella and Forastera; small additions of Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, or Melon de Bourgogne may be included. Peverella is from the Trentino area in north-central Italy and is grown in the foothills of the Alps, ideally adapting it to our Sierra Foothill environs; low pH and good acidity with unique but unobtrusive varietal character. Personal research indicates it may actually be a clone of the better known variety Verdicchio. Forastera is an island grape in Italy and is responsible for at least half of the wine known as Ischia Bianco Superiore on the island of Ischia just south of Capri. Forastera has nice mineral notes on the finish. What it resembles: High-end Italian Pinot Grigio from the Collio region in Friuli, or some of the so-called Super-Friulians, expensive multi-variety white blends, also from Collio.

Varietal Definition
Tocai Friulano:
Widely grown in the Fruili region of Italy. Also to be found in Argentina. Thought to be identical with the Sauvignon Vert grape grown in Chile. Used to produce lightbodied white wines with flowery and nut-like flavors and should be drunk when young.


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