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Roseannadanna Rosé

Roseannadanna Rosé Wine Details
Price: $9.00 per bottle

Description: Traveling the backstretches of Tuscany, we pulled over for a picnic with our Italian hosts: Fresh fruit, pungent cheese, and prosciutto set off by a brilliant rosé, an estate blend of Seyval Blanc and De Chaunac. Serve our rendition slightly chilled.

Varietal Definition
De Chaunac:
An early ripening french-american hybrid grape which gives a fruity, balanced red wine usually possessed of low to mild tannic content. Planted mainly in the cooler regions of the Northeast U.S. and Canada.
Seyval Blanc:
A French hybrid that is often thought of as "East Coast Chardonnay," or at least an alternative to same. Produced in a crisp, dry style, this white wine is often fermented or aged in oak to enhance the rather neutral flavors of the grape itself. It lends itself to service at the dining table and is food friendly. Seyval Blanc is often used in proprietary blends; good examples can be found from Prejean, Clinton and Château Lafayette Reneau.


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