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'04 VQA Petit Verdot/ Malbec

'04 VQA Petit Verdot/ Malbec Wine Details
Price: $18.95 per bottle

Description: We have blended equal parts of Petit Verdot and Malbec. Full nose, slightly floral, spice, soft cocoa, rich black fruits, and tobacco. Beautiful, rich concentration of fruit and oak on the palate. This wine is a rare find!

Varietal Definition
Originating from the Bordeaux region of France, this grape is among the "big six" for red wine grapes. Malbec is typically a medium to full-bodied red wine. Ripe fruit flavors of plums and blackberry give it a jammy characteristic. The tannins are typically a bit tight and the earthy, wood-like appeal makes for a fairly rustic wine. Malbec goes well with roast meats such as chicken or turkey. It should be served at 58F and can be aged for up to 5 years typically.
Petit Verdot:
Petite Verdot is one of the five noble Bordeaux varietals, essentially acting as the nuts and bolts in most Bordeaux blends. With intense color and racy flavors, this wine possesses elements of pencil shavings, dark fruit presentation and a subtle complexity, which can be appreciated by even the most discerning palate.


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