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Riesling Icewine

Riesling Icewine Wine Details
Price: $59.95 per bottle

Description: This wine originates from Riesling grapes grown along the slopes of the Niagara Escarpment and south shore of Lake Ontario. These clusters were left to partially raisin on the vine during late autumn, with a further concentration of sugars and acids occurring when the berries were frozen solid by the onset of winter. Selectively hand-harvested and pressed at temperatures below -10°C (14°F), these grapes produced a sweet nectar with impeccable acid balance.

Varietal Definition
On the sweeter end of the spectrum, some of the best dessert wines should give thanks to the Riesling varietal. Riesling is known for its complementary nature of combining balanced acidity with sugar. Rieslings are made dry to sweet, but it is the sweet style Riesling that brought about its popularity in the United States. With the rise of spicy sauces, marinades and dips to flavor our meal, Riesling plays a part in taking off the edge of the heat. Riesling is known for a number of signature characteristics: floral, citrus and pear. Riesling has peaked in California with 11,000 acres planted. Today, Monterey County’s cool-climate areas and its long growing season produce good amounts of character for the Riesling grape. Outside of


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