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Cuvee Le Blanc, White, Yakima Valley

Cuvee Le Blanc, Reserve White, Yakima Valley Wine Details
Price: $18.00 per bottle

Description: This is our best foot forward Rhone style white blend. The blend is 37% Roussanne (2/3 from Snipes Mtn. and 1/3 from Elephant Mtn. Vyds.), 53% Viognier and 10% Marsanne (both from Elephant Mtn. Vyd.). It is 60% tank and 40% new French oak barrel fermented. There’s a brilliant gold-platinum color that just flashes and sparkles beautifully and it shows an intense bouquet of floral notes, white nectarine, ripe Bartlett pears, apricot nectar and melted vanilla ice cream along with subtle orange-rind, and lavender notes as you swirl your glass. In the mouth explodes waves of juicy fruits, tropical pineapple, apricots, mango and lemon cream pie along with nuances of orange peel, and Chambord raspberry liquor layered with anise, minerals and orange spice. Beautifully proportioned, this large format white wine has bracing acidity, a viscous full body, and it finishes long into layers of concentrated fruit, and not-so-subtle tannins (for a white wine). Try with substantial food, such as a spicy Asina dish or as an accompanimetn to exotic cheeses.

Varietal Definition
Also known as Bergeron in the french Savoie region. Semi-classic grape grown in the Hermitage-Rhone and southern Cotes du Rhone region of France. Still occasionally incorporated into white wine blends, (e.g: with the Marsanne grape wine), because of its acidity and aroma but finding less and less favor.
The most acclaimed white wine grape from France's Rhône Valley, Viognier is a highly aromatic varietal, with a flavor profile that could include peach, apricot, nectarine, lichee, musk and flower blossom. The heady perfume of this varietal is one of its trademarks, although its flavors are sometimes problematic in matching with food. However, it does well with lobster, crab and moderately flavored fish. Use it as an apéritif as an alternative to Chardonnay. The "Rhône Rangers" in California have done an excellent job promoting this varietal.
White grape of the Northern Rhône and primary constituent of white Crozes-Hermitage and St.Joseph it is also a permitted blend for red Hermitage. It produces wines high in extract and alcohol with pronounced floral and almond characteristics. Often blended with the more refined Roussanne for a touch of elegance. Seen as a varietal in the Victoria region of Australia, notably Chateau Tahbilk.


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