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Black Muscat

Black Muscat Wine Details
Price: $14.00 per bottle

Description: This fragrant wine is made in the style of a white wine and is light enough to enjoy on the patio, with dinner or dessert. Lower in alcohol with a balanced sweetness, this wine can be enjoyed on many occasions.

Varietal Definition
Black Muscat:
Derived from a Schiava Grossa x Muscat of Alexandria cross, this variety has more than 30 synonym names, including Muscat Hamburg, Black Hamburg and Golden Hamburg. In most of the world, Black Muscat is destined for table grape production. However, in certain markets it is also used to produce wine. In California, in the hot southern reaches of the Central Valley, the vine's black-berried grapes are used in the production of dessert wine. The most notable is a richly colored and aromatic wine known as 'Elysium' made by Quady Winery in Madera. In Eastern Europe, it delivers a fair amount of light, grapey red wine with some Muscat aroma.


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