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Pinot Gris

Reserve Pinot Gris Wine Details
Price: $20.00 per bottle

Description: Don Lange was the first winemaker in the nation to release a "Barrel-Fermented" Pinot Gris, making this wine a hallmark bottling in 1987. This wine sets the bar for Pinot Gris nationwide and we believe the 2004 to be among the finest ever. In addition to pioneering this style, Don Lange sources all the grapes for this unique wine from the Yamhill Vineyards; a gorgeous site located six miles west of the winery. Lush tropical fruit, finely balanced acids, supple textures, and higher-toned floral notes characterize the Yamhill Vineyards Pinot Gris. After 8 months in French Oak, we believe we've carried that statement through to bottling. Get some while you can!

Varietal Definition
Pinot Grigio/Gris:
Pinkish-white variety producing a very crisp white wine. Grown in Oregon, the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, and more and more in California, it shows promise for other cool climates. Also known as Tokay d'Alsace in France, Rulander in Germany, and Pinot Grigio in Italy.


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