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Madeleine Angevine Siegerrebe

Madeleine Angevine Siegerrebe Wine Details

Description: Madeleine Angevine and Siegerrebe, blended from our vineyard grapes, bring together two premiere Puget Sound varietals in beautiful harmony. With a delicate floral nose, enjoy the citrus and tropical fruit flavors ending in a wonderful lasting finish.

Varietal Definition
Grape derived from cross between Gewurztraminer and an unspecified table grape. Grown in limited amounts in Germany and used as small percentage amounts in blends.
Madeleine Angevine:
Also known as Madeline Angevine or MADELEINE ANGEVINE. Cool region table grape cross used for Riesling-type white table wine production in the United Kingdom and Germany. It is a cross between Madeleine Royale and Pr├ęcoce de Malingre. Not only is it a widely grown variety in its own right but has claim to fame as one of the parents of the Siegerrebe and Comtessa varieties. It grows well in cool climates and is known for producing light white wines with citrus and herb flavors.


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