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JB Cellars Margaret Anne

JB Cellars Margaret Anne Wine Details
Price: $9.99 per bottle

Description: his proprietary blend of Arneis and Tocai Friulano is a perfect wine for those hot summer days. Clean, crisp, and light, it is a great compliment to fruits and cheeses, seafood, and other light faire. This limited production blend offers floral and fresh fruit aromas that lead to a focused core of mineral and citrus characters followed by a clean refreshing finish.

Varietal Definition
Minor grape grown in Piedmont region of Italy. Used to make an aromatic white wine - (e.g: "Roero Arneis", "Langhe Arneis") - lacking sufficient acidity, when fully ripened, to age well . Some regard it as reminiscent of wines made from the french Viognier grape grown in the northern Rhone region. Others find Pinot Gris of the U.S. west coast, similarities in the fruity flavor of the wine when made in the style of "Tokay d'Alsace".
Tocai Friulano:
Widely grown in the Fruili region of Italy. Also to be found in Argentina. Thought to be identical with the Sauvignon Vert grape grown in Chile. Used to produce lightbodied white wines with flowery and nut-like flavors and should be drunk when young.


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