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Block 24 Primitivo

Block 24 Primitivo Wine Details
Price: $30.00 per bottle

Description: This wine is brimming with the flavor of red cherry, chocolate and cinnamon stick. It has good acidity and is fresh and vibrant with floral scents of violet and rose. The French Oak is well integrated and adds a layer of complexity and refinement to the wine. It has supple tannins. The alcohol is 15.8 %.

Varietal Definition
Recent "DNA" testing has shown Primitivo to possess the exact same genetic make up as the popular California grape, Zinfandel. Both varieties origins are tracked back to Croatia. And while the grapes may be identical in theory, the wines they produce have distinct differences. Primitivo's home province is Apuglia (sometimes called Puglia), located in the "heel" of Italy's boot. Wines made from Primitivo have notes of plum and spice, like Zinfandel, but because of different growing soils and climate, the fruit character is less jammy, the structure more akin to old world wines, with rustic notes of earth and spice, as well as tamed fruit flavors.


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