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Sangiovese Crackerbox Vineyard

Sangiovese Crackerbox Vineyard Wine Details

Description: For six years I have been making Sangiovese in the same style, very light oak, big fruit, dark rich color and it has been our most popular wine. Like the grower from Crackerbox Vineyard, John & Courtney, I am always looking to make it better. So I did an experiment. We did two barrels of Sangiovese I new French Oak. In the past we have done it in neutral French Oak, meaning not much wood flavor because Sangiovese grapes tend to be a little transparent and can be easily over powered. So I thought maybe a light, smooth French Oak for only one year would not hurt. Well I was right this wine is fantastic, all the wonderful flavors our Sangiovese has had in the past and now we have added notes of vanilla, Cherry and hints of smoky tobacco. Unfortuanely we only made two barrels, so it is not available to anyone but Club Members! Enjoy.

Varietal Definition
Sanguis Jovis, the Latin origin for the varietal name, literally means “blood of Jove.” Sangiovese is one of the oldest known varietals and it is likely that ancient Etruscan winemakers cultivated it, although the first literary reference to Sangiovese was in 1722. Sangiovese is probably indigenous to Tuscany, whose most famous wine is Chianti. Chianti is a blend that currently contains a minimum of 90% Sangiovese.Sangiovese thrives in hot dry climates. Because these climatic criteria generally enhance quantity, rather than quality, it takes careful cultivation and winemaking techniques to produce really excellent wine from this grape.


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