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MOSBY Stelline di Cortese

MOSBY Stelline di Cortese Wine Details
Price: $16.00 per bottle

Description: The 2004 Mosby Stelline di Cortese or Little Stars of Cortese is a crisp, vibrant sparkling wine. Estate-grown Cortese grapes were picked early in the 2004 harvest season to produce this festive libation. The citrusy character of the Cortese grapes shines through in the clean flavor, while the delicate mousse and gentle effervescence leave the palate refreshed. You don't need an occasion to open a bottle of Stelline di Coretese...opening a bottle is the occasion!

Varietal Definition
Cortese is a minor grape grown in the Piedmont region of Italy, used to make that region’s dry white wine known as ‘Gavi’. The resulting wine can be described as typically Italian, with high acidity, neutral flavor and delicate aromas. Although the wines are rarely of exceptional quality, they command a relatively high price because of Piedmont's esteemed location as a viticultural region. A few dedicated Italian producers have planted the grape in California, but its acreage is miniscule.


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