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Undici, Wine Details
Price: $36.00 per bottle

Description: The three-acre Eleven Oaks vineyard has been fine-tuned into a site where the union of grape, soil, climate and farming is in perfect alignment for the quarrelsome, yet noble Sangiovese varietal. The resulting first vintage is an extraordinary wine, proudly bearing the name “Undici” (oon dee chee), or Eleven – an indication that the marriage of place and vine has harmoniously occurred. A deep ruby red color with darker crimson highlights and a radiant brilliance first attests that this is a Palmina vinification of this classic grape. There is a mentholated sense of the outdoors on the nose, with aromas of eucalyptus and rose petals beckoning the senses. There is a bottom base note of bakers cocoa complete with complementary dusty textural components, followed by a mid-palate experience of pomegranate, dried cranberry, robust dark fruit and a hint of passionfruit. The bittersweet cocoa notes continue, along with subtle reminders of kirsch and Moroccan spices. The wine is full bodied and beautifully balanced – there is a true bitter/sweetness to the wine, soft tannins, lively acid and a lingering and changing finish.

Varietal Definition
Sanguis Jovis, the Latin origin for the varietal name, literally means “blood of Jove.” Sangiovese is one of the oldest known varietals and it is likely that ancient Etruscan winemakers cultivated it, although the first literary reference to Sangiovese was in 1722. Sangiovese is probably indigenous to Tuscany, whose most famous wine is Chianti. Chianti is a blend that currently contains a minimum of 90% Sangiovese.Sangiovese thrives in hot dry climates. Because these climatic criteria generally enhance quantity, rather than quality, it takes careful cultivation and winemaking techniques to produce really excellent wine from this grape.


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