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Roussanne "Bien Nacido-Hillside Estate"

Roussanne "Bien Nacido-Hillside Estate" Wine Details
Price: $40.00 per bottle

Description: This is a big, exotic wine and I think a classic representation of Roussanne. The aromas show honeysuckle, orange rind, almonds, minerals and a hint of smokiness that’s inherent to Roussanne and complemented by the oak. The flavors show much of the same with a big robe of fruit and great acidity. I purposely kept this wine pretty closed in because I know its aging potential. I wanted to give it more bottle age before release but we had sold out of our ’01 and ’02 Roussannes and the marketplace wanted more (Roussanne is not the easiest wine we sell).

Varietal Definition
Also known as Bergeron in the french Savoie region. Semi-classic grape grown in the Hermitage-Rhone and southern Cotes du Rhone region of France. Still occasionally incorporated into white wine blends, (e.g: with the Marsanne grape wine), because of its acidity and aroma but finding less and less favor.


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