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Ortega Vidal Icewine

Ortega Vidal Icewine Wine Details
Price: $49.95 per bottle

Description: Gold Medal Winner-2005 Taster's Guild International Competition. Beginning on the eve of December 8, 2004, the grapes for the Ortega Vidal Icewine were picked while still frozen. The result of immediate pressing is a luxurious dessert wine filled with the nectar of apples, peaches and pears. A Gold Medal winner at the Taster's Guild International Competition, this wine will pair beautifully with paté, apple crisp and soft aged cheeses.

Varietal Definition
Vidal Blanc:
A white French hybrid once widely planted in the south of France, it is more suitable for growing in warm and humid climates like the South. These vines are prolific, producing large golden berries, suitable for eating out of hand as table grapes. When vinified, Villard Blanc makes a fruity, mildly intense white wine (somewhat Sauvignon Blanc like) of fairly neutral and simple flavors. Primarily used for blending.
Ortega’s winter-hardy character has allowed this grape to be successfully grown in British Columbia, and with limited success in Canada’s eastern province of Nova Scotia. This German cross of Muller Thurgau and Siegerrebe is primarily used to enhance Riesling in poor vintages in the Rheinhessen region of Germany. On its own, it can produce rich, flowery, peachy wines, with high natural sugar levels. However, its generally low acidity and its susceptibility to fungal diseases and coulure have limited its use.


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