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Austin Hope Roussanne

Austin Hope Roussanne Wine Details
Price: $30.00 per bottle

Description: The Austin Hope Roussanne is a very unique wine. The wine is loaded with honey, hints of stone fruits and a distinct mineral backbone. The grapes are harvested from the famed Mer Soleil vineyard located in the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation. The vines are an old clone that can be traced directly to vines that originated in France. The yields are very low and the grapes are picked very late in the season, usually mid to late November. The grapes have a long hang time because this region, found in Monterey County, is very cool. The long hang time is responsible for the high sugars and also maintains a balance of high acid levels as well. This balance of sugar and acid is crucial and is the key factor in making a lush, well balanced wine. The Austin Hope Roussanne is whole cluster pressed and placed into 100% new French Oak Barrels for fermentation. It is then aged for 9 to 10 months before being bottled.

Varietal Definition
Also known as Bergeron in the french Savoie region. Semi-classic grape grown in the Hermitage-Rhone and southern Cotes du Rhone region of France. Still occasionally incorporated into white wine blends, (e.g: with the Marsanne grape wine), because of its acidity and aroma but finding less and less favor.


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