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Vintage Port, 2003

Vintage Port, 2003 Wine Details
Price: $24.99 per bottle

Description: This wine was produced from grapes grown in Amador County, CA. After fermentation, the wine was aged for five months in American Oak barrels to soften the wines before blending them together for bottling. This wine will benefit from a few years of bottle aging, but the hallmark of this wine is the bright fruit aromas and flavors it offers. Dark cherries, mulberry, respberry, plum, chocolate, vanilla, and a touch of cedar are the aromatic rewards the taster will experience. Enjoy this wine with rich desserts such as cheesecake, cake, tarts, etc.; rich, pungent cheeses such as blue veined cheese, cheddar, etc.; or just sip it by the fireplace! Seving temperature 55-70 degrees.


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