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Touriga Wine Details

Description: Grayhaven's Touriga is made with 100% Touriga grapes - a variety developed by the Portuguese and often used in the production of Port wines. This rich, full bodied red is round and velvety with cherry notes and provides hint of vanilla in the bouquet and finish. Perfect served with steaks and bold enough to compliment rich dishes such as steak au poivre or osso buco.

Varietal Definition
Touriga Nacional:
Found in California and South Africa, this fiercest and best of the port grapes has also been successfully transplanted to Australia for fortified wine production. The vine produces grapes with small, darkly-pigmented berries. Notorious for low yields, attributes like its intense rich fruit personality make this grape a highly-regarded and sought after varietal. In addition to being important in port production, it is also increasingly significant in the rich, red table wines of Portugal’s Dao and Douro valleys.


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