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Vivant Wine Details
Price: $14.99 per bottle

Description: A bit of the tropics in Missouri! This fruity semi-dry white wine exhibits a bounty of tropical fruit, banana, mango, and citrus. Best served slightly chilled with grilled chicken, pineapple pork, and any salad, especially Caesar. A great taste of the islands, grass skirt and coconuts not included!

Varietal Definition
Has synonym name Vineland 63331. Hybrid cross released in 1983 by Ontario Horticultural Research Institute of Canada. Is result of a Vineland 50154 x NY 25681 cross. Hardiness slightly less than Concord, but better than Seyval Blanc. Vulnerable to fungal diseases. Ripens in early October at Vineland, Ontario, Canada, giving small, yellow-tan skinned berries. Although vigorous and productive this cultivar has not excited much interest despite claims of good white wine (similar to Riesling) production.


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