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Marechal Foch

Marechal Foch Wine Details
Price: $15.00 per bottle

Description: Bronze Medal Winner, 2005 Oregon State Fair Marechal Foch is a short-season French American hybrid grape which was brought to America in the 1940s. It became popular with east coast vineyards because of its early ripening and tolerance for cold winters. Named for a WWI French General, Field Marshal Ferdenand Foch, the wine is deeply colored and strongly varietal with "Burgundian" character. At Ankeny Vineyards, Marechal Foch is grown on rich valley-bottom, sandy/clay soil and produces a bountiful ripe crop in September. Aged in oak barrels for ten months, it reminds me of a Bordeaux grape and goes well with and food you would serve with big, ripe, full-bodied wine.

Varietal Definition
Marechal Foch:
A french-american hybrid grape, with french Alsace Gamay origins, noted for producing deeply colored and strongly varietal wines considered by some to have a "Burgundian" character. Also known under the name Foch.


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