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Nouveau Jacquez

Nouveau Jacquez Wine Details
Price: $12.95 per bottle

Description: This wine is made in the same style as the famed Beaujolais Nouveau wines of France. It is made from the Jacquez/Black Spanish grape. It is produced to exhibit youthful flavors of cranberries, raspberries and cherries. It is finished with a hint of sweetness. This wine is meant to be consumed early, and should be served lightly chilled, just below room temperature. Nouveau Jacquez is fresh and versatile. It compliments fruits, cheeses, white and red meat dishes, and many ethnic cuisines. Enjoy a glass of Nouveau Jacquez every day!

Varietal Definition
This red-fleshed grape is a popular variety in Texas, where it is sometimes blended with Ruby Cabernet to make red table wine. It is highly resistant to Pierce’s disease, which makes it a good match for the hot and often humid Texas climate. It thrives best in deep, sandy soils. Originally, Black Spanish was used as a wine at Communion. At one time, along with Mission, Lenoir was one of Texas’s most planted varietals. Acreage in the state is now on the decline, although it still maintains a presence in the state, particularly in the few wineries located near the Gulf of Mexico.


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