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Pasquale Red

Pasquale Red Wine Details

Description: A fruity, sweet, red table wine. This wine is a nice blend of concord & ives.

Varietal Definition
This native American grape varietal (of the genus vitis labrusca) is used in making old- fashioned, "rustic" country-style red wines, often displaying what most people think of as a "grape jelly aroma." In fact, the Concord is widely used in the production of jellies and jams. This East Coast varietal produces wines that have been variously described as foxy, meaning they have a unique aroma/flavor profile variously described as wild and musky. Mogen David is perhaps the quintessential Concord wine.
Ives Noir:
Ives is a black grape of the Vitis labrusca type and is used in red wines. It is very subject to damage by the air pollutant, ozone, and is hence often relatively lacking invigor and productivity. Vigor and productivity are often im-proved when Ives is grafted on a vigorous rootstock.Still widely grown in Brazil and other hot, humid, fungus prone regions of South America. Also found in Australia where it has the synonym name Kittredge.


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