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Tempranillo Wine Details
Price: $19.00 per bottle

Description: (temp-ra-neo) This sexy seductive Spanish varietal will haunt your periphery. Full bodied satin, leather and lace will whip your senses with medium tannins that caress your toungue with its seamless Mediterranean beauty. Blended with Cabernet to create this complex red wine. WOW, if Spain made a sexy sports car, it would be called EL Tempranillo.

Varietal Definition
The Tempranillo is to Rioja what Pinot Noir is to Burgundy. By far Spain's most noble indigenous grape it has similar characteristics to the Pinot - strawberries when young, earthy vegetal when mature - and it ages very well. It ripens early ('temprana' is the Spanish for 'early') is thick-skinned and gives good colour and extract but low alcohol and acidity. In Rioja it is blended with the more fiery Garnacha and a little Mazuelo and Graciano. It is grown throughout Spain but very much as a grape for blending as opposed to a straight varietal. Outside Spain the grape is quite prolific in Argentina and to a lesser extent in California.


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