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Exotique Wild Cloudberry Bakeapple Wine

Exotique Wild Cloudberry (Bakeapple) Wine Wine Details

Description: Newfoundland Gold! A solitary berry, picked from low creeping plants found on select peat bogs throughout the province, the Bakeapple (Cloudberry) is similar in size and shape to a raspberry and has a golden apricot colour when ripe. This Exotique Wine is velvety smooth. A sweet, pure, fruit wine that is extremely aromatic with heavenly flavours. A flavourful addition to a gourmet dessert or a memorable sipping experience anytime. No sulphites. Our Gold Medal Winner from Fruit Wines of Canada Competition in 2001; our Silver Medal Award Winner from Kosherfest '98 and Bronze Medal Award Winner from InterVin International in 1999.


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