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Black Prince First Crush Baco Noir

Black Prince First Crush Baco Noir Wine Details
Price: $14.95 per bottle

Description: Here is an early-drinking red, unpretentious and quaffable. Both local grown Baco Noir and Cabernet Franc have tannin components inhibiting short term consumption. However, the balance of the red grapes from the Black Prince Vineyard have also been added to the blend raising the fruit awareness and softening the finish. This is a barbecue wine to get your hands on.

Varietal Definition
Baco Noir:
BA french-american hybrid grape used to make an intense red wine regarded by some as a good substitute for Cabernet Sauvignon . Capable of aging, its origins trace to the Folle Blanche and a native American strain of grape. Extensively grown in the cool northern regions of N. America.
Cabernet Franc:
Cabernet Franc is an accessible, spicy, herbal, dark blue grape variety that is often compared to Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Franc tends to be softer and has less tannin than Cabernet Sauvignon, although the two can be difficult to distinguish. Sometimes the French refer to Cabernets, which could mean either of the two grapes. Its typical aromas include an herbaceous and pronounced peppery nose, even in ripe fruit, and something eerily like tobacco. The Cabernet Franc ripens at an earlier stage, which gives it reason to exist in the Bordeaux area. In the Loire, where we find it a lot, it gives a clear red fresh and fruity wine.


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