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Dolce Amore Riesling Trockenbeeren Auslese Estate-Release

Dolce Amore Late Harvest Riesling (Trockenbeeren Auslese) Estate-Release Wine Details
Price: $49.90 per bottle

Description: This is another first in Canada's wine history. On February 14 (Valentines Day) Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery harvested the first ever Valentines wine in North America. At our Peachland vineyards on the morning of February 14 2003 the crew of our winery harvested our Riesling grapes. The wineries intention was to make a wine which is even rarer then ice wine, a special Valentines day harvest wine called Dolce Amore (italien for sweet Love). And sweet love it is, at 37% sugar it has a higher content then needed to produce ice wine. The result was rich characteristics of our typical ice wine tast. Apricots, caramel, honey and nuts followed by the sweetness which makes these wines so great. A total of only 4.800 bottles containing 200ml will be released in December 2003. P.S. over the past 25 years, we would have been able to make this great wine only 4 times.

Varietal Definition
On the sweeter end of the spectrum, some of the best dessert wines should give thanks to the Riesling varietal. Riesling is known for its complementary nature of combining balanced acidity with sugar. Rieslings are made dry to sweet, but it is the sweet style Riesling that brought about its popularity in the United States. With the rise of spicy sauces, marinades and dips to flavor our meal, Riesling plays a part in taking off the edge of the heat. Riesling is known for a number of signature characteristics: floral, citrus and pear. Riesling has peaked in California with 11,000 acres planted. Today, Monterey County’s cool-climate areas and its long growing season produce good amounts of character for the Riesling grape. Outside of


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